Working When You're Exhausted

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, I’m feeling pretty wiped out at the moment. There’s just been so much going on in my life the past few days.

I’ve had a cough that just won’t go away for several days now. It’s not so bad most of the day, but if I lie down or when I get up, it starts up again something awful. As you can imagine, that makes it pretty hard to sleep.

Add to that that my new computer broke down on Friday, and despite an initial estimate that there was a chance I’d have it back the same day, here it is, Sunday night, and I don’t. The frustration is quite draining. Thank goodness we kept the old computer and it has almost all my data on it so I can still work a little.
Today was my 3 year old niece’s birthday party. All you parents know how draining little kid’s birthday parties are!

And yes, of course, it is THAT time of month.

I took Friday and Saturday off while waiting for my computer, only logging on to work a very little bit, but I can’t do too much of that. I love my work and it’s frankly draining to avoid it. I love being creative and coming up with new articles and new websites. It’s a bit challenging deciding what to do; I had gotten things organized very nicely on the old machine, so that I always knew what my goals were, and that’s a part of what was lost. It’s also very hard to focus when I’m this frustrated.

However, I do intend to get more than a gripe session accomplished tonight.

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