I came across an interesting post on Hubspot about Pinterest offering business accounts. If you’re using your Pinterest account for your business, you may want to take a look at this. I’ve had a lot going on family-wise lately, but I finally had the time to look this over myself and make the switch to a business account.

At this point, it’s not really all that different. Just visit business.pinterest.com and click the link to convert your account to a business account, then agree to the business Terms of Service.

What’s New?

Your pinboards won’t look any different as a business than they did when you had a personal account. On the surface, you may not see a lot of changes. There are, however, some nice new tools.

Take the profile or board widget, for example. You can use it to share your recent pins on your website. This could be useful in drawing more attention to your pinboards, hopefully to encourage more shares of your material on Pinterest and eventually drive more traffic to your site. After all, building your traffic is what it’s about if you’re a business.

You also get access to case studies. Some businesses have done quite well on Pinterest, and this makes it easy to take a look.

There will also be access to any future tools they release for businesses. What that means, no one knows yet, but there are certainly tools that would be useful to business owners that personal accounts usually won’t care about.

If you haven’t done it already, you should also go ahead and verify your website with Pinterest. This lets them know that yes, it’s your site. Just go to your Settings page and click the Verify Website button, then follow the directions.

Why Bother?

It may not seem like there’s all that much reason to bother with making the switch from a personal to business Pinterest account. And I’ll agree that the differences are minor… now. I don’t know if that will continue to be the case. There’s also a clause in the personal accounts TOS saying that if you’re using Pinterest for commercial purposes, you’ll use a business account. I don’t know when they’ll start enforcing that, but it’s something you should be aware of.

The big question is do you convert your current page to a business one or start a fresh one for your business? The answer depends on how you’ve been using your pinboards so far.

If you’ve been keeping it pretty much personal, and most of your followers are personal, you probably want to start a whole new account for your business. It may be a bit of a pain logging in and out between them or using separate browsers for them, but that’s something you have to work out for yourself. Getting followers from the old account to the new account may be a challenge.

If you’ve been using it mostly for business, go ahead and make the switch. Odds are no one will notice the difference.