Don't Let Your Work At Home Dreams Stand In The Way Of Your Success

People who want to work at home often have an image in their minds of what it will be like. The flexible hours. Time for family. A good income… maybe even a great one. The reality is rarely that simple. People get frustrated when working at home isn’t like their dreams, and suddenly success is farther away.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s good to dream. You should know what your ideal work at home day would be like, and have a plan for getting there. What you shouldn’t do is resent that it’s so difficult to get there or let the difficulties stop you.

Break It Down Into Steps

What will it take to get to your work at home dream? Rather than hope to reach it all at once, figure out the path to get there.

Consider the goal of flexible hours, for example.

If you have a work at home job, your hours may well be determined by the company you work for. It’s their needs you have to consider. While they may allow you to set a schedule for yourself, they may also insist that you keep to that schedule, even when things come up. Many work at home jobs are no more flexible than an outside the home job.

What you need to do is figure out how to get to a job or home business that will give you the flexibility you want. Your plans will usually include sticking with the less than ideal job until you can find your way to a better one.

Don’t give up because you don’t have the flexibility you wanted from a work at home job. Don’t give up because you don’t have some other part of what you thought it would mean to work at home. It’s a process. The not so good job may eventually qualify you for a better one. If not, there’s at least some money coming in. Odds are, you need the money far more than you need the flexibility or whatever else.

Reassess Your Dream

Sometimes the reality of working at home isn’t at all what you dreamed about. You may realize that some goals weren’t realistic. Your home business won’t succeed overnight. Your kids aren’t as cooperative as you’d hoped. Does the phone ever stop ringing?

Many of these problems are temporary, but they’re also good wake up calls.

Businesses grow. So do kids. The phone keeps ringing, but you can teach family and friends when it’s okay to call, and most of the rest you can learn to ignore.

What you should look at is where your expectations were unrealistic. You can’t predict how fast your business will grow, no matter how much good advice you get on running it. What works for someone else may or may not work for you.

Sometimes It Comes Crashing Down

Even when things have been going well, sometimes things will come crashing down. Layoffs happen. Your business slips. Someone in your family gets sick. Life throws some new challenge in your way, and now working at home isn’t working the way it used to.

Frustrating though that may be, that can happen even in an outside the home job. It has nothing to do with whether or not you’re meant to work at home or if you’re good at it. Take those lemons life is throwing at you, grab some more ingredients, and make a lemon meringue pie. Don’t give up. Keep working on making it happen your way.

Don’t Give Up

Just because things aren’t working out the way you hoped doesn’t mean you’re a work at home failure. That’s true even if you’re still struggling with the way to make any money at home.

Failure happens when you give up. If you’re still trying, you haven’t failed yet.

The challenge of finding work at home success sometimes involves working outside the home for a time, for example. You might work an outside the home job while building your home business or while trying to find a work at home job.

Maybe It’s Not For You

Sometimes the problem with the work at home dream is that working at home really isn’t for you. It happens. That’s not a bad thing.

Some people need more time around coworkers. More time to talk. More chances to bounce ideas off each other. More chances to show your boss you deserve that promotion.

Finding out that something isn’t for you isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a thing. Now you can move on and figure out what is for you. Your overall goals shouldn’t be completely tied to working in a particular place. They should be about accomplishing the things that mean the most to you.

Regardless of how things go, your work at home dream will change as reality sinks in. It won’t be exactly as you hoped. With luck, it will be better. But even if it changes, you may find it worthwhile.