Is Your Family Your Reason to Succeed or an Obstacle to Your Success?

I’ll be the first to admit it. Sometimes having a family makes it really hard to succeed, especially with small children in the equation. I’ve had to slow down this year quite a bit more than I liked because my youngest is quite the demanding baby. Taking care of her needs, the needs of my other children, spending time with my husband and even sometimes pretending to keep a clean house takes a way a lot of my possible working time.

And yet they’re also the reason I do all of this.

I talk to my older kids a lot about why I do what I do, and especially why I’m sometimes very busy. It’s not always something they want to hear, but they need to know it even when they don’t understand.

But when things are really getting rough it’s wonderful to remember why I keep up the fight to have a successful home business, rather than work outside the home and pay hideous amounts of money out for daycare.

Sure they make it harder. That’s a part of having a family. But such a wonderful obstacle.

I don’t like to call it overcoming an obstacle when it comes to dealing with my family’s needs. Somehow that just feels wrong. It’s really more learning how to work with the obstacle and succeed with it right there.

Ideally having fun with it whenever possible.

That’s why I carry a notebook in my purse, for example. I can be out and about and still have a way to write down ideas.

Some of the things that eat up my time I do my best to use in productive ways. My son has speech therapy once a week. Since I don’t have to sit in the class and it’s an hour long, I use the time to run errands. It’s nice to not have my errands eating into time I could be using in other ways, and for strictly local errands the amount of time is just about perfect. That changes the time it takes to get him to and from therapy from unproductive time to well used time most weeks.

Family can also be inspiring. I wouldn’t be writing this post if I weren’t thinking of them as I write it.

Family also gives me that extra push to really work hard. Just thinking about how much having a commute would take away from the time I can have with my family (shudder)! They may be demanding of my time at times, but what better way to be?

And of course much of it all is about trying to give my family the lifestyle I want us to have. Nothing fancy, just three vacation homes, a 10,000 square foot home, a yacht, eight winning lottery tickets, adoring fans… wait, wrong dream.

Seriously, while there’s the home ownership dream and the wish for a more comfortable lifestyle, it’s not all about the money or the things. It’s also about being able to be there for my family. Having them may make it more challenging to reach my goals, but they also mean that reaching for my goals as well as achieving them is more satisfactory.

You can’t forget that part. Even when you’re trying to work and the kids want your immediate attention and the baby’s pounding away on the keyboard while you try to type, you cannot forget that you’re trying to succeed for them.

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2 Responses

  1. What a beautiful post. I can SO relate.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks. I’ve long thought that working at home is one of the hardest and best things I’ve done for my family.