Free Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Mark Ling is getting ready to introduce Affilorama Premium, a monthly program to help you with your affiliate marketing, including monthly tips and interview with super affiliates. You’ll also get hosting for 15 sites with databases, easy WordPress installation and more.

Now that may not interest you. Then again it might. But for right now you can get a free download with six of Mark’s top affiliate marketing secrets, including strategies for using them and examples. You’ll also get access to a video of Mark speaking at a Las Vegas marketing event.

If you’ve been struggling with the search for profitable niches, email marketing and getting good search engine rankings, you’ll enjoy these resources.

Premium Affilorama looks to have some promising tools too. It’s not just the hosting I mentioned earlier, or the monthly tips and interviews. There will be tools for pay per click marketing. SEO tools such as a tool to help you get links from trusted sites. And a tool to help you figure out which markets are strong.

Sign up today to download the free ebook and watch the video.

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