Great article on at home call center employees

Business Week has a great article up right now called Call Centers in the Rec Room about at home employees. It’s a pretty good look at how businesses are starting to use more at home employees and the advantages to businesses.

I really think it’s wonderful how much easier it is getting to work at home. It’s one of those side benefits of the internet no one really expected. As noted in the article, jobs from home are allowing stay at home moms to reenter the workforce at their convenience, which is bringing a lot of college educated women back into the workforce.

Obviously, there’s far more to work at home jobs than call center positions. My older sister sometimes works at home as a computer programmer. Just about any job that doesn’t need face to face interaction has the possibility of being done at least partially from home, and that’s a wonderful thing for parents or anyone who needs a more flexible schedule than traditional jobs provide.

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