Holding My Breath

AB 153 in California is scheduled for a vote by the Rev & Tax Committee on Monday, March 21, 2011. I’d love to see it shot down right away and have already emailed some of the relevant Assemblymembers to say so. There’s no benefit to the state to do this. It’s much more about Walmart and other big businesses wanting Amazon to lose their advantage.

While it wouldn’t completely ruin my business, it would take some income away and mess with a lot of my current plans if I were dropped by Amazon and other programs that are unwilling to deal with state taxes. I firmly believe something has to be done about the situation because I really don’t blame states for wanting an easier way to get the right amount of sales tax paid in, but this is not the way. It’s only hurting a lot of small businesses, decreasing income taxes paid and doesn’t bring in any sales tax.

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