3 Ways to Face the Frustration of Growing Your Home Business

If you have a home business, you want it to grow enough to pay your bills, give you some extras and put some aside for savings. Maybe more than that, but you want to earn more than just a little. But it’s frustrating sometimes trying to make it grow. Your business growth can stall, or things can start going worse and you feel the need to work still more to get things going.

Perhaps it’s more that you need to do something you haven’t considered to help your home business grow. Some surprising things can help.

1. Take a break.

When you’re at your most frustrated is often when you most need to take a break from things. I don’t mean taking a break of several days, a week or anything, unless that’s what you really need. Just take some time to get your thoughts away from the stresses and do something else.

It’s very common to have stress slow you down when you work. Taking a break, even just 10 minutes or so can get your mind off work and give it a rest. You may find that you get better ideas after a break.

You should be taking several short breaks a day. There are good reasons why employers are legally required to allow employees to take breaks throughout the day. Give yourself the same courtesy.

You can use your breaks in a few ways. You can read something unrelated to work. Take a walk. Do some exercise. Watch a favorite show. Play with the kids or pets. Just make sure that it’s something to ease the stress and get your mind off work for a while.

2. Work somewhere else.

If you have a laptop, this can be pretty easy. Find a new place to work and see if it helps your productivity or gives you new ideas. A good Wi-Fi connection may be nice, but you can always just type into your word processor if there’s no internet connection available. Not that you have to leave your home. Try working in the back yard or a different room of the house. Just make sure there aren’t too many distractions.

If you don’t have a laptop, don’t feel confined to your desktop computer. Grab a pen and paper and find a place to work with them. You don’t have to have a computer for everything you do for your business even if it’s entirely online.

3. Talk it out.

When things aren’t going quite right, don’t hold it in. Talk to someone about it.

They don’t have to know too much about what you’re trying to do to be a good listener and sometimes come up with helpful ideas. My husband has a general notion of what I do, but doesn’t understand the specifics. He can still listen when something’s frustrating me, and whether or not he comes up with useful suggestions, he has a different perspective.

None of these ideas are going to do specific things to help your business grow. They won’t get you x new leads or subscribers or earn you a particular amount of money. That’s all up to you. What they may help you do is to keep things moving and get away from the frustration that’s making your life more difficult.

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