My husband has been battling a clog in the kitchen sink all day today. Nothing will make that thing budge for him. We’ve called the landlord for a plumber but you know how that can take a while, especially since landlord’s do-it-yourselfer husband was out when we called.

But I really think these things are contagious. You see, yesterday we were at my mother’s house. Her bathroom sink is badly clogged. So it’s only natural that we would get a sink clogging too, although I hope our situation isn’t so bad. She’s looking at needing to replace a lot of her plumbing in the bathroom, and she’ll be checking to see how the rest of the house looks.

This isn’t a first for us, though.

Last time it was the washing machine. My in-laws washing machine broke just days before ours did. I had a lot of fun teasing my mother-in-law that it was all her fault for telling me about it over the phone. Clearly our machine overheard her.

For now, we’re trying to decide if we want to cook dinner at home. It’s about 96 degrees F out, so really, really hot for cooking, but with my husband not working, it doesn’t make any sense at all to eat out. But then what about dishes? Bathroom sinks aren’t terribly friendly to doing the dishes.