2016 was quite a year for many people. I know some who are ready to bid “good riddance” to 2016. I’d rather look back at the positives, as the year was far from all bad. Right now I’d like to take a look at the posts that did well here.

One of the most popular ways to market an online business these days is through social media. It’s not always easy to get started or keep going, so I wrote 16 Vital Tips to Get Your Social Media Marketing on Track. Hopefully people continue to find it useful.

Amazingly enough, work at home scams are no longer in the FTC’s top 10 complaints. I know I’ve received plenty of calls from people claiming to be from Windows support and even one claiming to be from the IRS. All scams, and important to be aware of, but when you want to work at home, you need to know the scams. I like to think that The Work at Home Job Seeker’s Guide to Scams is informative in that way.

One of the big things I got done this year was the setup of my home office. It took a lot of planning, but generated some good blog posts. I started out writing about how to set up a productive home office in late 2015, and when my office was finally complete in July this year, I wrote My New Home Office Is Up And Running! SmartDesk Review. In case you’re wondering, I still adore my sit-stand desk. It was well worth the price. I don’t stand as often as I should, but when I remember to do so, it’s there.

Later in the year, I had to deal with the other use of my home office space, that of a guest room. I wrote What To Do When Your Home Office Is The Guest Room about the options you have to keep working at home when your office space is not available to you for a period of time. So many home offices also function as guest rooms that it’s important to have a plan for those times that a guest needs the space.

It was a shock to many people when Amazon Banned Outside Incentivized Reviews. Most who use Amazon as regular shoppers were really happy that they would no longer see outside incentivized review there. On the other hand, websites that connected products to people willing to review them on Amazon had to rework their Terms of Service to comply. Some still send codes for free or discounted products to participants, but there is no longer an obligation to review them on Amazon.

I started the Home With The Kids Work At Home Job Board a while before I got around to posting How to Use the Home With the Kids Online Job Board. The job board is pretty easy to use and I intend to keep improving it as a resource for job seekers and employers.

I’ve seen a fair number of medical coding jobs at home, and so I created How to Get Into Medical Coding at Home. Spoiler: It’s not necessarily easy, you will need to pay for training, and you will probably need experience before you can work at home.

I wrote Your Work at Home Job Hunt – Are You Prepared? early in 2016, and no doubt it will continue to be useful for job seekers into the new year.

Some of the posts I put up featuring employers who were hiring at the time were quite popular as well, but I won’t link to them here, as I don’t know if any of them are still hiring. I’ll feature more currently hiring employers in the new year, to keep that going.