How to Use the Home With the Kids Online Job Board

Home With the Kids Online Job Board

One of my favorite resources I offer here on Home With the Kids is the work at home/online job board. I share work at home and online job leads there – mostly imported from Indeed, but also jobs employers post, as well as other resources. For both job seekers and employers, it should be quite easy to use.

For Job Seekers

Your use of the Home With the Kids Job Board is completely free. You do not have to create an account or share your resume to use it. You can just pick a category and browse the work at home job leads. Most will have you apply either through Indeed or on the employer’s job site, not here.

If you create an account, you can post your resume, keep track of applications submitted through this job board (but not through Indeed or employers) and bookmark job listings. I review all resumes before approving them – spammers sometimes make accounts and try to get backlinks, and no one wants to see that garbage here.

I can’t promise that any employers will notice your resume here – that’s up to them. Most will get plenty of applicants without seeking you out on their own. You do not need to post a picture of yourself with your resume, although you can. If you’re working at home, how you look shouldn’t be a part of the hiring decision making process. Leaving off the picture is one way to limit the chances that it will matter.

You can use a link to your LinkedIn account rather than a resume for your account. I think it makes a lot of sense to minimize the places you need to update as you get new jobs. I would not depend on a LinkedIn account instead of a resume when you are actually applying for a particular job, however. Make it as easy as possible for potential employers to learn what you have to offer.

You can set your resume to public or private. A private resume will not show when employers search the job board. Your email address, phone number and website (whichever of these you enter) will only show to registered employers in any case.

Take advantage of the formatting tools to make the most of your resume if you do post one. You want to look as professional as possible, and a neatly formatted resume is a part of that.

You can select a category for your resume. I would suggest you pick the category of job you are searching for.

I would also recommend customizing your resume for each job you apply for. Use keywords from the job ad. Many employers have resumes scanned for keywords before a person even looks at the resume. You don’t want to have yours dismissed offhand because you didn’t take the time to customize it.

Have Scams Ever Made It Onto the Job Board?

Sadly (hangs head), I have to say yes, they have. I try to avoid scams, but they can be very hard to spot. I remove them as soon as possible once I know, and review what happened to avoid that mistake again.

Some key features to look for include improbable income promises, too easy work for the money, and email addresses that don’t match the company’s domain name. I’ve seen people try to post jobs here using Gmail, Yandex and other free email services. Those are some of the things that makes me look more carefully. Those are free and too easy to make look like the real thing… aside from the domain name.

You may also know it’s a scam if they try to hard to get your bank account information. Direct deposit is a wonderful convenience real jobs often offer, but it’s not information you should give up lightly. Same goes for your Social Security number. Employers don’t need that until you’re hired.

Charging for a background check is not necessarily a sign of a scam. It does mean you should look even more closely at whether or not the job is legitimate. Some good companies do expect applicants to pay for background checks, but other times it’s just a scam.

I’ve written elsewhere on how to spot work at home scams if you need more information on them.

For Employers

Most features of the Home With the Kids Online Job Board are free for you as well as employees. The only pay option as of this writing (subject to change in the future) is to get a featured listing so that your job stays at the top of the list.

You can refer job seekers to your website or have them fill out an application here, and it will be emailed to you, as well as be available when you sign into the job board.

Jobs must be home based. I will accept jobs with small amounts of travel, but the focus here is on parents who want to work at home.

You can upload a company logo if you like, and the interface allows you to format your job description. You can choose the type of job you are posting – part time, full time, freelance, even internships, although I will only accept paid internships. You can also tell people to visit your company website for job openings. I mostly use this for long term listings where the company may not be hiring all of the time. The Imported from Indeed job type is only for jobs I import from that website, not for employer-created listings.

You can also select a category for your job, so that people looking for that type of work have a better chance of finding it. If you don’t see an appropriate category, select “Other.”

I do not post home business opportunities here, including multi level marketing opportunities. You cannot require a financial investment. If you charge for a background check, I will be looking closely at whether or not I want to include your listing.

If I have any doubts as to whether or not the person posting a job for you company is really who they say they are, I may look for alternative ways to confirm who they are and that the listing is legitimate. This may delay the approval of your listing. I personally review all job postings, whether free or paid, so it may take a while for a job to be approved.

Jobs stay active for 30 days unless you or I take them down sooner. It is possible for me to change how long a job posting stays up. If you need an extension, you can either post the job over again or ask me to change the dates.

I usually tweet out the categories with new jobs daily. Featured jobs will get their own tweet and may get a Facebook post as well.

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3 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    This is a really cool service that you offer Stephanie! Have you had much success connecting job seekers and employers so far?

  2. Mike Reed says:

    This seems to be a very helpful project. It’s gonna help most people struggling to be more self reliant. Just be vigilant not to fall for the scammers. Do your research beforehand. Great program here! more power!


  3. I would say there has been some, although I rarely hear about it. I have some employers who have posted job openings more than once, and I know there have been a number of resumes sent to employers through the board.