I had a bit of a shock recently. My host told me that someone had filed a DMCA notice against my site for some software I use on it. However, I have a license for the particular software, so the claim wasn’t valid. But it still meant some time wasted in dealing with the matter.

Now, this was purely a mistake on the developer’s part, so far as I’m concerned. While I’m peeved about losing work time to it, I also know these things happen, especially if you want to protect a product you’ve spent a lot of time developing.

For my part, it meant looking up my license number for the software, and filing a counter-notice with my host, then a lot of watching to make sure things went the right way. I also contacted the developer and let him know which license I had, so that he could rescind the notice. I wanted my host to hear it from both of us, so that there would be no question about leaving my site alone.

In this case, I like to think that things went well. Annoying, but well. Besides, this was a mistake, not a malicious action. Everything’s fine now.

There are further legal remedies for those who need them, such as if actual damage has been done. Once again, not the case here, so I’m not worried. If you get hit with a false claim, these are things you would look at with an attorney. Don’t ask me – I know it’s possible, but not the details. Find an attorney with experience in internet law, and talk to them about it.  What’s available doesn’t sound great, but it’s there. What you can get for a false claim isn’t near what the damages can be on a legitimate claim.