How Do You Use Facebook For Your Home Business?

Facebook is hugely popular. Many people love how it allows them to keep in touch with family, friends, old classmates and so forth with little effort. It’s an easy way to share those fun little moments you wouldn’t call and tell people about, but want to brag about anyhow… hopefully without sharing too much information.

Facebook is also great for many home businesses. Just as with your personal life, you can use Facebook to keep in contact with people about your business.

Don’t mix your business with your personal stuff on Facebook, however, or at least not too much. Facebook makes it easy to set up a page for your business, so that people who are interested in your business can follow it there, rather than being a part of your personal page.

It’s not that business acquaintances can’t become personal friends – they can. It’s that you want most of your business contacts separate. You don’t want to hit your Facebook friend limit due to business contacts and then not be able to friend your friends when your business page can be liked by as many people as care to do so.

What Should You Share on Your Business’s Facebook Page?

You probably don’t want to share what your kids or pets just did, or talk about your vacation plans on your business Facebook page. That’s not what most people are after when it comes to your business.

You do want to share what’s going on with your home business. Link to new blog posts. Announce sales and new products.

Interact With Current and Potential Customers

Facebook is one of many places you can interact with your customers. They may contact you with questions or problems through Facebook. Sometimes you’ll even get a rave review there.

How Do You Get People to Like Your Page?

The frustrating part at first can be getting enough people to like your business Facebook page. It’s frustrating trying to get those first few likes.

You can ask your current personal friends to like your page. Odds are many of them already know what you’re doing, and it’s a simple way for them to support you. Some may even be curious about what you do with your business anyhow.

You can also pay people who will build your account to a certain number of likes. I’m not a fan of this, as you really want people who are actually interested in your business to hit the like button, not just random accounts. This gives a nice looking count for your page, but if it doesn’t give anything more than that, what’s the point?

Facebook lets you post on the site using the name of your page rather than your own name. This is useful for some careful, polite marketing. You don’t want to spam all over Facebook, saying “visit me, buy from me!” Just as with any other site, you want to be interesting enough that people visit your page because you sound like someone who has something they want to check out.

Be careful what you post on other people’s and businesses’ walls. The nice ones just delete you if they don’t like how you posted on their wall. Others mark your posts as spam, which can lead to the loss of your account.

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