Should You Keep Marketing on Facebook When They Keep Changing the Rules?


Having a page on Facebook for your business has been a good strategy for a while now. It’s one more place to let people who like your business know what’s up. The only problem is how difficult Facebook has been making it lately for your content to get in front of the people who like you. First text statuses were better, now they aren’t. Page owners have noticed serious declines views of their statuses. Is marketing on Facebook still worth it?

That’s Up to You

Very honestly, there’s no one right answer right now. Some people won’t find it worthwhile. Some will. It depends on your page. Many people feel that Facebook is now essentially pay-to-play for businesses. Facebook has to earn money, and it appears to many that their choice is to earn from the businesses that have enjoyed the platform and its benefits.

It’s rough right now. It really is. Just Ask Kim reports a reach of just 3% on Facebook. That’s horrendous. Mine isn’t that bad, but I don’t have a huge number of fans. Many people feel that Facebook wants business owners to have to pay to reach their fans, and they resent it. Just Ask Kim has some good tips on how to improve things on your page further down on that same article, and you may find it useful.

Test, Test, Test

The best thing I can recommend is that you test for yourself what works best for your page on Facebook. Post text updates. Post images with the link in the description you like. Use the auto-generated link share image and description. Try different days of the week and time of day. See for yourself what works best.

Over time, you can get a good feel for what is getting you the best response. Do this every few days, weeks or months so that you know you still have it right. Basically, if you think of it, take a little time to test.

What Am I Doing?

Just like any other business owner, I find the changes frustrating. So far I’m sticking with Facebook, but then I haven’t developed a huge following there yet anyhow, so the lower traffic levels don’t hit me as hard as they have others with more fans. I think, however, that I need to pay close attention how things are going and any future change Facebook makes.

Fortunately, there are still sites such as Pinterest, Twitter and so forth available. I haven’t given these the attention they deserve of late, being rather busy with my kids, but I may have to make more time. Where one platform becomes more difficult to use, another may look better.

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