I’m not an employer. However, I can give you some simple tips that will improve your chances of being hired for a work at home job.

The first thing to do is to go over your skills even before you start searching. You need to narrow your search down to the jobs you are qualified to perform. I hear of a lot of people applying for work at home jobs with no consideration for what they already know how to do.

Think of it this way. Would you expect to get hired for an outside the home job if you had no qualifications for it?

Probably not. In most cases you would have at least some background or the company would plan on some extensive training, even for something that sounds as simple as a customer service position. Trust me, I’ve been in customer service. Many times there are legal things you have to say, plus whatever scripts the company feels does the best job selling.

Next you need a good resume. When you work at home you need to show that you can work independently. After all, there is only so much supervision that can be done virtually. You also need to show solid computer skills and reliability.

When it comes to actually applying for jobs, make sure you really read the job description and understand how to apply. I can’t tell you how many people have seen a job listed here on this site and decided to email me to apply for it.

I’m not an employer. It doesn’t work that way and I don’t have an “in” on any of these jobs or with these companies.

Be qualified for the jobs you apply for. I can’t repeat that one often enough. Companies that hire people to work at home get very tired of unqualified applicants. I’ve even had one tell me so.

How you apply for the job tells the company a lot. If you can’t follow their instructions, if your resume is a mess, they aren’t going to be interested. They’ll find someone else out of the thousands of applications from other people who want to work at home.

Yes, you will often be going up against some heavy competition.

Be prepared if you should make it as far as the telephone interview. Even if you won’t be on the phone as a part of your job, you will need to sound professional on the phone.

Whenever your interview is, find a quiet place for it. Have someone keep the kids and pets away. Keep the television and radio off, and no surfing the internet while you talk.

Will all this guarantee you the job? Dream on! It’s still a matter of how good you look versus everyone else trying for the job. But if you put your best face forward you certainly can improve your odds.

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