I love seeing people give honest opinions in a review, especially if it’s to tear a poor quality product apart. Too many people will praise it for the commissions, and judging by Eric Holmund’s review of Free Commissions, this is one of those times. There are lots of big name marketers promoting this product, which has way too many red flags, and even his look inside makes it appear more a scam than legit. Go read his review and see what I mean.

The issues with this product are lessons you can take when you see other products marketed and hyped. This one’s a classic, with the big houses, fancy cars, boat and bank account shots. Everything set to get suckers visitors to believe that they’ve come across an easy way to make lots of money.

If you visit the Free Commissions page (link through Eric’s review, not here), be ready for lots of exit pages. Five of them, with the price dropping until it hits $9. Don’t buy, I don’t think it’s worth that much even, and they’ll just try to upsell you more. If you want to review the anatomy of this stuff yourself, then maybe it’s worth the money, but not otherwise.

Simply put, there’s no way for the average person to earn that kind of money with no work. It doesn’t work that way. This is one of those offers that is just begging for FTC attention. Not a good thing for those promoting it, even if the people behind the product are out of reach.

Clicksure is the payment processor on this one, and a company to be careful of. Not because they’ll do wrong by you, but because they allow just about any product to go through them, and so things that pickier companies like Clickbank reject, Clicksure allows. I’m sure there are good products there too, as it’s one of the places internet marketers went when Clickbank got picky, but there’s a reason why some marketers go there.

Remember, be picky about the products you buy. Good ones will help you grow your online business, bad ones just cost time and money. You don’t want hype and promises about big bucks; you want information that will help you build a solid, reputable business.