Pinterest has unveiled web analytics for pinners with verified web sites. It’s a nice tool if you want to see what content of yours is getting the most interest on their site. If you’re serious about building traffic from Pinterest, you need to check this out.

Pinterest web analytics

This tool lets you see how often content gets pinned from your site, how much it gets repinned, how many impressions it generates, and how many clicks. All pretty useful information. You can look at anywhere from a day to a month to see what has been happening.

If you haven’t verified your website with Pinterest yet, it’s pretty easy to do so. Just follow their instructions. Just takes a few minutes of your time. You also need to have access to Pinterest’s new look. After that, you just use the top right dropdown menu to find the Analytics section.

I don’t get great traffic from Pinterest as of yet, although I’m working on that. This site isn’t exactly prime pinning material, since working at home isn’t a huge Pinterest category. Still, there are some things people have found interesting, and that’s useful information for me.

It’s not just what information of mine that’s being pinned that I find interesting. Board names can be interesting too. It’s helpful to know how other people are categorizing your stuff. What they say about it is interesting too.

I’m pretty pleased with this new tool. Are you going to use it also? What do you think of it?