Insurance – Weekly Work at Home Job Idea

The insurance industry may not be the first one to come to mind when you think about a work at home job. It’s not really on everyone’s radar. That may be because it’s often as much work from home as it is work at home, if you get the difference.

Qualifications/Training Needed?

You will generally need experience or a degree to get a job in insurance. There are a variety of job titles, such as auditor or loss control consultant.

Job Duties

In many cases, you will be driving to the policy holder’s site to collect the information you need. You may be able to schedule this for times when your kids are in school if you want to be there when they get home. Then you can finish off the work in your home office.

You may need to tour the client’s site, interview people, take pictures and assess risks and hazards.

Equipment Needed

You will most likely need a laptop computer to take with you to client sites. If you are doing insurance inspections, you may need a measuring tool and digital camera as well.

Where to Search for Jobs

Overland Solutions, Inc. – the one employer I know of offhand.
Craigslist (beware of many, many scams!)
Hire My Mom

Related Scams

No specific scams that I know of. Use the usual criteria when considering a work at home job in insurance. You should not have to pay to prove that you are interested. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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