Many affiliates love pay per lead affiliate programs. They can pay very well, sometimes for as little as a zip code, other times for more detailed information, all without a purchase. It’s much easier to get a bit of information from someone than it is to get them to buy something.

That doesn’t mean it’s always the way to go. Sometimes pay per lead is the worse choice when an affiliate program gives you a choice between them.

You don’t often have a choice between pay per lead and pay per sale, but once in a while you do. If you have the choice, it can pay quite well to analyze each option. You might be surprised by the results.

There’s an affiliate program I’m a member of. I’m not sharing what it is or what I’m offering with it, but it does have the choice of pay per lead or pay per sale, depending on which side of the program you sign up with. The leads pay reasonably. The sales side gives a bonus as you make more sales.

It’s a bit of a challenging program to analyze, as it doesn’t share stats on the sale side. Software’s old on that side, I guess, and affiliate information is very limited. But I make decent money with this program.

When the pay per lead program came up, it drove me nuts! I didn’t know if I would make more or less money that way. I had no way of knowing how many of the leads I sent to the site were converting to the sales they paid me on.

I spoke to my affiliate manager the other day however, and found out how many leads I’m generating per month on average. Talk about useful information! Now I know I’m making the right choice with this particular program to stick to the sales side. I make significantly more money that way.

I would not assume that’s the case every time, especially since most programs offer only one or the other. But when both are available, the analysis is worth the time.

If the pay per lead side of things doesn’t include sales stats, the simplest way to get the information you need is to go for the pay per sale. Most programs include enough statistics for you to know how much traffic and possibly the number of leads you’re sending in order to make a sale. With this, you can decide which type of program is right for the sales you’re making.

Don’t assume one answer or the other will always be right. Keep track of the results you’re getting. Talk to your affiliate manager as necessary. It’s amazing what you can do to improve your income when you keep track of the right statistics.