We’re deep into the holiday shopping season and you have a site or shopping page you’d like to promote for the holiday season. Is it too late to get results by Christmas?

That depends on what you do to promote it.

The quickest way to effectively promote your page is to pay for advertising. Use pay per click advertising or buy ads on relevant sites. It can work. You’re getting right out there in front of potential shoppers.

It can also add up fast. You must keep track of your expenses and earning to be sure that you aren’t taking a loss on the whole thing. Getting more sales doesn’t do you any good if it costs you more to make those sales than you earn… unless you know you get good backend sales. But most of the time you’re safest looking at the immediate costs and profits.

You can try free methods such as article marketing as well, but you will usually do better with a more direct approach than using article directory submissions. Contact relevant sites and see if you can get them to publish an informative article on their site. Your byline may generate sales, and can do your SEO efforts good as well.

This far into the season, you must consider things that get directly in front of shoppers. If they help SEO, that’s good too, but that may not work fast enough to build your sales for Christmas.

You can’t waste any more time on thinking about what you’d like to do. You have to get it done. Otherwise, the shopping season will pass, and you’ll still be trying to get things moving.

Consider your list. If you have one, even a small one, make sure to send a few offers out. This is the time of year people are thinking about buying. Give them the excuse.

Don’t do anything that will ruin your chances to do well with that site in the future. Most of us don’t do so well with disposable sites.

Remember that sales continue immediately after Christmas. People are returning things they didn’t like and may be shopping for the things they wanted but didn’t get. Others just can’t resist the great sales.

Speaking of the future, set up a reminder to start your holiday marketing earlier next year. If you want SEO results, August is not too soon. Get things moving so that your sales improve with the holiday season. You’ll do better if these things are not left until December.