In some ways, this seems like a silly question. Of course there’s work at home for men. Most at home jobs and home business opportunities really don’t care if you’re male or female. That rarely makes a significant difference. That said, there may be different interests in the kind of work most men want to do at home. Then again, perhaps not.

I’ve had both men and women ask me how it is they can work at home. We bought a car recently, and I ended up talking to the salesman almost as much about my work as about the car at times. He was intrigued because I was the first person he’d met actually having success at working online, even though he’d heard about it before. Only time will tell if he decides to start working online too.

More men are choosing to stay at home these days. Two of my brothers-in-law do so, although neither has a work at home job. One writes in hopes of being published someday, not as a job.

Computers play a big role in working at home, whether you work for someone else or run your own business. Your work may be done primarily or entirely directly on the computer. Here are some job and business types to consider. There are so many possibilities that these suggestions are vague, just to get more of them in.

Telephone Support & Customer Service

Lots of companies hire telephone support and customer service people to work from home. It saves them a ton of office space, and the work really doesn’t need physical presence. It’s easy enough to get employees set up to work from home. Just takes a dedicated phone line (usually land line, not cellular or VOIP) and a computer with the right programs. Don’t assume that these jobs are easy to get in spite of the number of companies in the industry – it’s hard to land most types of home based jobs just in general. Still, it’s one of those jobs many people start out looking for because they’ve heard that it can be done from home.

Software Development

Going for a much more challenging job, software development can also be done from home. Teams can hold meetings online rather than in person, and work can be sent in to the company’s server. It takes a good education in programming to succeed in this – my older sister, who is a software developer, notes that cheaper, less experienced programmers can be harder on a project’s budget than more expensive, more experienced programmers as they can make more mistakes.

Healthcare Industry

While you may think of healthcare jobs as requiring a lot of personal contact, that isn’t always the case. There are several opportunities in this area which can be done from home, and some pay rather well.

Medical transcription is where I started out, for example, and the pay for a good, productive transcriptionist is fairly good. Registered nurses can do phone triage from home, and there are even home based positions for radiologists and physicians.

Direct Sales/Network Marketing

While many direct sales and network marketing opportunities appeal most strongly to women, there are a number of companies that are appealing to men as well… and even the traditionally female ones such as Avon are open to men. It’s not whether you’re male or female after all, it’s whether you can sell the goods.

Social Media Marketing

Many companies need help with their social media marketing. If you understand social media, know how to build a following on multiple platforms, and can handle an online reputation, you may be able to find a company that will allow you to manage their accounts from your home.

Online Business

Online business takes many forms. It’s like treating all brick and mortar businesses in a single category, when the range of opportunities are huge, even if you’re only really considering small businesses, not Walmart or the like.

The great thing about online business, though is the range of possibilities available without risking bankruptcy. Many an online business has been started on the side, as the owner continues to work a day job. Costs are low enough that you don’t have to risk a fortune to generate a nice income. You’ll probably spend some, sure, as sticking to free options only doesn’t work that well for most people, but the costs don’t have to go into the thousands each and every month. With many but not all online business models, it’s easy to keep costs under $100 per month.

Sell products you make, drop ship, be an affiliate marketer, sell ad placements on your site, promote a service you’re offering… you have a lot of options online. Some will require you to go other places; others can be done entirely from the comfort of your own home or any place you have internet access and time to work.

Truth be told, work at home jobs for men aren’t that different than those for women. Figure out what you’d like to do, and see what it takes to make it happen. Take into consideration any distractions or challenges your situation will present, and make a plan for dealing with it. You can do it, and it probably won’t be all that hard.