It’s a New Year. Let’s Get This Business Started!

I’m really focusing this year on building my business, and most especially my income. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I’ll start hyping whatever the latest big guru launch product is without even checking it out. That’s just not me.

But I will try to be more conscious of products I could be promoting.

I don’t mean just here. This isn’t all I do, you know. I have a couple of new sites that I’m working on that will be more about income. While still providing the kind of information that draws people in, of course. I’m just looking more at areas where people should be actively shopping with these ones.

And no you can’t know the niches. Mine! Find your own and get to work! If we happen to match, so be it but I’m not giving all my plans away. And I will be promoting things here too, of course, as appropriate.

For those of you also starting new websites, I’d like to offer some tips to get you started in this new year.

If You Want Some Help Getting Things Started

Creating your own website from scratch isn’t for everyone. As a matter of fact, even if you know the basics it may not be your smartest move.

That’s where a program such as SBI! can be such a big help. They take you through the steps, from picking your niche and domain name to developing content to monetization. It’s a bit more than basic hosting when you add it all up, but the tools you get compensate quite well, costing less than you would pay for all of it separately.

With their 2.0 version they’ve really increased your ability to take advantage of more of the web has to offer. That is, the ability to have users create content on your site for yo. That can be powerful.

There’s a risk to that too, and you have to monitor what people try to put on your site. That’s really not a hard thing to do. Just pay attention and you’ll be fine.

If You Want a Lot of Help Getting Things Started

SBI! sounding good but you want more help than that? You might want to consider their eLearning program. They’ll take you through the process of getting your site and business started in a 12 week online education course.

The course isn’t all prerecorded stuff. You’ll have weekly live sessions to guide you through the process that SBI users go through to build their sites.
It will cost you more, of course, but if you need help getting things going or just need that push to ensure you keep working at it, this could be a very worthwhile investment.

If You Don’t Need Your Hand Held or Just Want to Go Your Own Way

I’ll admit it. This is my way. I got my start online before hearing about SBI and while it’s a great system (my dad uses it), I enjoy creating sites on my own, in my own way.

In that case, please be sure you pay for hosting. Don’t go the free route if you’re serious about your business. You will come to need the freedom to control your site that comes only from owning it and paying for hosting and a domain name.

I like Host Gator. They’ve been good to me. Their $7.95/month plan gives you quite a bit.

Depending on your skills you can create your own site, hire a designer, start a WordPress blog… there are many options.

I lean mostly toward WordPress blogs. There are advantages and disadvantages, but for me the advantages are sufficient that I only do a little work with static pages these days. You can run WordPress like a blog or like a website with some of the advantages of a blog.

One disadvantage can be finding a good theme. It can be a bit tedious and I often spend hours adapting themes to my own preferences. You can buy themes if you like, and I’ll get into the free vs. paid themes another day.

On the plus side, WordPress is free and there are many plugins, both free and paid that can really increase its flexibility. That’s a topic that really takes some time to write about! Choosing plugins takes a good bit of time.

Some Ways, It Doesn’t Matter Which Way You Go

No matter how you go about building an online business, you’d better expect to work. Your average “overnight” success probably worked years to have that sudden burst of success. It almost never comes easy.

Choose how you get things started based on what you need. There’s nothing wrong with needing a little more guidance to get started. There’s nothing wrong with needing a big push to get started. There’s nothing wrong with winging it if that’s the way you work best.

Just remember that even the best marketers flop sometimes. Success is more likely to come if you keep trying, experimenting and working. If you start a site and give up when you don’t have visitors in a month you’ll never get anywhere.

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