Little Easter Basket

Had a little fun with Ariel today. We made Easter Baskets. Not the big store bought ones, but a little one for her to play with. She’s so anxious for Easter to get here.

These are very easy to make. I used one of those baskets you buy strawberries in, colored paper, a pipe cleaner and glue.

Cut the paper into strips that will fit through the holes in the strawberry basket. Weave the strips in and out, gluing the ends together as needed. Put the ends of the pipe cleaner through the basket around the middle to form a handle. You can twist the pipe cleaner around itself to hold the handle to the basket.

If you don’t have pipe cleaners, I would expect that you could make the handle from paper too. Just cut a long enough piece and glue it in place.

Here’s a picture of one we made. We actually did two – one for Ariel, one for Gage.

Easter Basket Craft

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