Our Latest Crafting Fun

My kids love to do crafts. It’s so much fun watching Ariel as her skills improve and she can come up with more interesting ideas. It’s also fun helping Gage as he tries to keep up. At 21 months he’s better at crafts than Ariel was a 3 years of age.

We went to Michaels craft store yesterday. My husband had bought some pine cones for my daughter to decorate for Christmas, but we were out of glitter. You know how important glitter is to a little girl! Ended up spending more than I meant to, as Ariel fell in love with the various colors of glitter glue and Gage noticed the foam sun visors.

So today I let them decorate the visors, and tomorrow they can do the pinecones. They had painted some already, but Ariel was just enchanted with the notion of putting glitter on them.

Things like this make doing crafts with your kids pretty easy. I go over various ideas in my Keeping Kids Busy ebook, which you can get by subscribing to my newsletter.

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