Not everyone agrees that being a stay at home mom is a great thing. Some feel that staying at home is a waste of your education and talents. But any stay at home mom knows there’s much more to the story.

As an at home mom, you have the chance to use many of your talents and your education. This is especially true in these days when being at home does not necessarily mean you don’t earn money.

But some of the things you do day to day can be pretty basic. Trips to the park. Cleaning the house. Watching the soap operas… assuming you have the time and the inclination, which not all of us do. Even then it’s not necessarily the only thing being done.

And yet there is so much you can do to share your talents with your family or the community. Your education and talents do have a purpose when you’re at home.

Volunteering is one way. You may be able to help out at your children’s school, for example. You can volunteer with a charity.

You can use your talents with your children. They can help when it’s time for homework. You can come up with projects you can do together. You can teach your children some of your skills as they get old enough.

Now obviously, not all of this will be suited to every mother. There’s nothing saying a stay at home mom has to do volunteer work or has to come up with great projects with the kids. That’s not the way these things work.

But any stay at home mom can help her children feel loved. She can encourage them to work toward their dreams. She can even show them that being at home does not mean giving up on your own dreams.

Take the time to help your children develop into capable adults. Have them help you just as you help them. That’s one of the most important things for any parent to remember.

Don’t forget to go beyond the mommy stuff. Use your time at home for you. If you’re planning on going back to work someday, keep up your skills and education as best you can. Take time off for you. Know what you are capable of and what you’re not.

You also need a good understanding with your husband. Not all relationships go smoothly with a single wage earner, and you need to think about the pitfalls before they become a problem.

Above all else, enjoy your time with your family. Being a stay at home is both a sacrifice and a blessing.

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