Being a stay at home mom means making many sacrifices in most cases. Less money means fewer vacations, a smaller home and generally a simpler lifestyle. But if you so choose you can offset this somewhat.

The most obvious way is to start a work at home job or home business. This can be both challenging and satisfying. But it also interferes tremendously with the entire point of being a stay at home mom, which is to have more time for your family.

Finding the right work at home opportunity is quite challenging. The scams are numerous and much easier to find than the legitimate opportunities. The skills you already have may or may not be suited to working at home and you may have to pick up an entirely new skill set.

Some offset the cost by going back to work part time when the kids are in school. Finding a good part time job is generally easier than finding a work at home job, but it may be hard to find one that really uses your skills.

Another option actually costs money. You can study up for a better job while you are a stay at home mom. This probably means night classes while your husband cares for the kids, and lots of time studying, but does give you that time with your family while working at improving your career goals.

With some planning you can make being a stay at home mom a time to continue thinking of your financial future. Knowing how you will keep going if you decide to go back to work or deciding to work from home can be a huge help as you raise your family.

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