With a month or thereabouts to go, it’s really starting to hit me. This baby is coming soon. The only question is how soon, and how close to my son’s birthday near the end of next month.

By my calculations, if she goes two weeks over, they could be within a week of each other. Not so bad for future years, but for this year? Ugh! Double ugh if I get stuck with another C-section. That would absolutely delay things if it were close to my son’s birthday.

Thank goodness for 3, soon to be 4 year olds. He doesn’t know enough about calendars to really care when his birthday is celebrated. I just have to make sure his older sister doesn’t spoil it by doing a countdown, as she is all too fond of doing.

But there’s only so much we want to delay things, so we’re starting to think things through now. If baby comes soon enough, I’ll be kind of tired still, but no real need to delay things.

Thank goodness for retired, local grandparents! I don’t have to handle things completely alone!

We always keep things simple anyhow. Some friends for the kids, cake, and let them run around the back yard if weather permits. At that age it’s a great formula for a party.

Still, there are parents to warn, so we can figure out who is likely to be able to attend. I don’t like to invite kids at this age unless I know they can probably come. So disappointing to both my son and the other kids if someone can’t come.

This year’s key will definitely be simplicity. No matter how you count it, baby is likely to be no more than a month old when we do this. I’ll be tired; she’ll be little.

But it’s so important to my son to have his party. Having an older sister means he knows quite well about birthdays and parties. We can get away with some things, but not others. He’s already worried about what happens when baby comes, so this party will be in part a reassurance to him that he still gets the fun times.

And yes, Mommy will be resting during a lot of this. Daddy gets to worry about the details for once!