Free Fun Fridays are back!

Plan a family treasure hunt. The parents or one of the older kids can write clues or draw a map, and set things up. Everyone else gets to try to find the treasure.

If one of the kids is hiding the remote control, you might just get some desperate treasure hunters! 😉

Kidding, folks, kidding. The house gnomes are really the ones who hid the remote. Kids, don’t hide the remote. Not only does it annoy parents, it makes it harder for you to watch TV!

Depending on ages and interest level, each clue can lead to a prize and a new clue or just a new clue. The early, easier to find prizes should be pretty basic.

Treasure hunts can be indoors or outdoors, although pirate-loving children may well want to be allowed to dig for the final treasure… or at least mine would.