A little off my usual path, but just outrageous. There’s a school in North Carolina that was briefly selling test points to students to raise money. They’re arguing that it wasn’t be enough to change overall grades, but I have to agree with officials who say it’s the wrong lesson.

I have to agree with that. Teaching students that they can buy their way to a better grade isn’t helping them. They certainly won’t be able to buy better grades later in life, or better job reviews or… you get the idea.

Such a relief that they’ve been ordered to cancel the fundraiser and return all earnings from it.

Schools need money. There’s no question of that, and many need fundraisers to enhance the opportunities they offer to students. But fundraisers need to be at least somewhat in line with the overall goal of educating students. Buying test points, even if they don’t significantly impact overall grades isn’t emphasizing the value of learning.