Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the night. Summer nights are generally warm, and it’s just such a relief after the heat of the day to get outside and do something!

Take a look and see if there are any places in your area that have special summer night activities. For example, here in San Diego the zoo and Wild Animal Park are open after dark, so you get to see many of the animals be more active than they are in the heat of the day. Many cities also have summer outdoor concerts in the evenings.

Camp out in your back yard. Many nights it can be more comfortable to sleep outside in the tent than in the house, which is still retaining heat from the day.

Alternatively, try a one night camping trip at a local campground. Roast marshmallows around the campfire, tell stories, and just relax. Don’t forget to leave a little time for a family hike during the day.

Go stargazing. Whether you look at the stars from your own back yard or drive out to someplace a little darker, children love to look at the stars. Try looking at the moon through binoculars if you don’t have a telescope. Get a chart that identifies the constellations. Watch for shooting stars. You could also check with your local planetarium or amateur astronomers’ club for nights that they do stargazing.

You don’t have to go outside to have fun. Stay indoors, open all the windows to let in the breeze, and start making cookies! You can let each child pick a recipe or so, depending on how many cookies you want to make.

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