6 Ways to Encourage Your Children's Creativity Over the Summer

Everyone admires a child’s creativity. It’s amazing seeing what they come up with, especially when they’re young and utterly uninhibited about expressing themselves. Summer is a great time to encourage your kids to be more creative without the distraction of schoolwork.

1. Encourage them to read.

Reading is a great way to encourage the imagination, whether you’re helping your child learn to read or they’ve long since mastered it. Let your child pick the books he or she enjoys for the summer – time enough for required reading during the school year.

Take advantage of any reading programs in your area that may encourage your child. Many local libraries have summer reading programs. Barnes & Noble has a program this summer (2015) where children can earn a free book by reading 8 books and writing the titles in a reading journal. The free book titles are listed on the reading journal.

2. Encourage them to build.

There are so many ways your children can use their imaginations while building, and so many different toys that make it possible, from the long-popular Legos and K’Nex to programs such as Minecraft. You don’t want your kids to overdo it on the computer all summer, of course, but Minecraft and similar programs offer a great deal of flexibility and much less mess than toys which can be left on the floor.

Also let them come up with their own projects. My older two want to build a hovercraft this summer. I have no idea if they will manage it, but they will be doing the research, figuring out what they need and what it costs, and giving it a try. They’ll also be learning to solder and learning to program a Raspberry Pi. These are all things they’re enthusiastic about, not things they’re being pushed on, so that their summer is fun as well as educational.

3. Encourage them in music.

Learning to play a musical instrument is good for kids in many ways. Let them choose the instrument they’d like to learn if at all possible – my oldest is learning harp, and my youngest wants piano lessons. The middle child is more stubborn – music just doesn’t interest him at all.

Even if they don’t want to learn an instrument, you can encourage their enjoyment by having music play during the day. Turn on something they’ll enjoy – they might sing or dance along.

4. Encourage them to play outside.

It may be hot outside in the summer, but your kids can play outdoors anyhow, just as you probably did. Have drinks and treats available so they can cool down as needed, but get them outside. Encourage them to catch bugs (at least the non-stinging sort), have water fights, climb trees and play with friends. Let them roam the neighborhood as they get old enough.

5. Don’t overschedule them.

Don’t overplan your children’s summer days. Give them time to just be themselves. Classes of various sorts can be good for your kids, but more important is that they have time to do whatever they want.

6. Spend time together as a family.

You don’t have to do anything big, but do things as a family. Have game nights. Watch a movie together. Have a picnic. Go camping. Go on vacation. Have a water balloon fight. Read. Talk about things you’ve done and dreams you have. Big or little, do things together as a family.