The Disadvantages to Home Schooling

I went over the advantages to home schooling in my previous post. Now let’s take a look at the disadvantages.

Perhaps the most obvious one is that it takes more effort to get time for your child to interact with other children. They really need time to play together, and for home schooled children this means a more deliberate effort. When children attend a school, they will have play time with other kids.

Another is that not every parent, no matter how dedicated to their child’s education, is suited to being a home school teacher. You often hear about the home schooled children who are just brilliant. You won’t hear about the ones who don’t do so well. What this means for parents who home school is that you need to know when to bring in extra help.

The social handicap issue is one you will hear a lot about if you choose to home school. That children interact during class as well as on the playground in regular schools is certainly true. In school, a child is likely to encounter a far wider range of beliefs than he or she would when home schooled. This may be better preparation for the real world, jobs and higher education. However, some research indicates this may not be the problem it is assumed to be, and that, in fact, home schooled children may be better socialized.

Depending on your state, you may have a lot of rules to follow. Here in California, there are several options when you decide to home school, and these determine how much of a curriculum you need to follow, your expenses and so forth.

Another disadvantage is that most parents are simply not trained as teachers. You can probably teach some topics quite well, but not really understand how best to present other topics. What about topics that were your own weak point in school?

It can be very frustrating to try to teach something to a child when they are just not getting it for one reason or another. Frustration while teaching is something the home schooling parent must learn to deal with.

Procrastination can also be a problem. Home schooling takes quite a bit of dedication. As the teaching is one on one or maybe two or three, depending on the number of children in the family, lessons often take less time to learn than in a regular school, but it is still all to easy to let lessons slide when other things need to get done.

Finances can present another barrier, although if the family is resourceful this may not be too much of a problem. Home schooling often involves buying a number of textbooks and other learning materials. Limited finances can also make it difficult to add in music lessons or sports activities that help to round out a good education.

Whatever you decide to do in regards to home schooling, make sure it is the right decision for you and your family, and don’t be afraid to switch over if you find out things aren’t working out. I’ve said before that I don’t want to home school and yet there are situations in which I would choose to do so.

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