Today’s Special – The Secret to Success

There’s something about working at home that makes many people get a little crazy. Maybe it’s the many sites promising instant, easy money with practically no effort. I deal with people all the time who think that there’s an easy answer for how to earn money from home.

Okay, so maybe there is.


It’s called hard work, people!

Only trouble is that it’s not always enough. But it’s the best chance you have.

I’ve been working at home for about 8 years now. I would say I’m moderately successful. Not where I want to be, but not where it would make sense to quit trying either. And some months much better than that. If I could get my income more consistently where I want it I’d be happier about it. I’ll get there.

Not all of it has been running websites. If you’ve read here for a while you may already know that I got my start in medical transcription. Both harder and easier work, really. Easier in that I knew what I was getting for what I produced. Harder in having to deal with a schedule and with the dictation some doctors would give.

Also not nearly as much fun as running my own sites, even comparing a bad day running my sites with a good day of transcription. At least for me. Others do really enjoy the work.

If you want to succeed with an online business there are no shortcuts. Sure, you can read and follow every step in the The Affiliate Code or some other ebook about online business. It’s not going to guarantee that you succeed. The advice in there is good, it will put you on the right path, but making it work is another matter entirely. There are the little details that are up to you, your talents, and your willingness to work hard.

Which brings me to the next secret.

Knowing when to quit and when not to quit.

They’re both important. If you know when to drop a business that just isn’t going to thrive you can save yourself a lot of time and possibly money. Dropping it gives you more time to work on something that will succeed.

If you know when to keep plugging away at a business because you know you can make it succeed and the time and money spent are worth it to you, you also have a better chance to succeed.

Telling the two apart isn’t always easy. They can be very similar and you can delude yourself that a business is one when it’s the other.

As you progress with your business you really need to keep an honest eye on how things are going. Is there real progress? Is there real income potential? Is this really what you want to keep working on? Are you looking for an excuse to hop to the next hot launch or is it really and truly just not working out?

Expect that not everything you try will work out. If everything in your business works out just the way you want it to, I’d love to know your secret. Then I’ll want to know how honest you are being with yourself. There aren’t many people that lucky.

A touch of failure is a good thing. It’s a part of learning. It means you’re taking chances. Just don’t let it overwhelm you. Failing once, twice, a dozen times doesn’t mean that running a business isn’t for you. It means you haven’t found the right one.

Do what it takes.

The path to home business success isn’t a simple one. Sometimes it even involves stopping and getting a job outside the home while working on your business at night.

You wouldn’t believe how often I get people asking how they can start working at home to support their family. Even with work at home jobs that’s a tough one, folks! The jobs are rarely available quickly enough.

Say you want to have a business and I’ll say you need to give yourself some time to build it up.

If you need to earn money from home or your children won’t eat, guess what?

It’s time to find a way to work outside the home. Your family comes before your dream of work at home success. Don’t sacrifice their needs to your dreams.

That doesn’t mean give up. I said it before. It means working on your business at night, on weekends or whenever you have time available. If this is really what you want you had better be prepared to lose some sleep in the process. Sometimes a lot of sleep.

There’s a reason why businesses get compared to babies. They’re both quite demanding and neither cares how much rest you get.

The one thing you should give up on with a home business is the idea that it’s going to be easy. It probably won’t be. Expect to work, expect to work hard and then work harder than that and you’ve just improved your chances of succeeding.

Don’t forget to have fun!

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