Trying to Get Creative in the Job Hunt

It’s definitely a rough time to be searching for a job in my area. My husband is getting some interviews, but not a lot. We’ve been having to think on places to look for work that might not be so obvious.

Of course, we have the usual… search Indeed, LinkedInCraigslist and so on. But the other day my husband came up with a really great place to look for local jobs.

The Chamber of Commerce website.

It was one of those blinding flashes of inspiration. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it myself, since I know the Chamber of Commerce is supposed to be a good place for business networking. I hadn’t thought about their local business listings as a way to spot local companies to apply to.

Of course, one important thing to remember is that you don’t always have to meet each and every requirement listed on a job description. If it’s a skill that can be picked up quickly, the employer may be agreeable to train. This is something my husband has struggled with at times, since he wants to be a great match!

All too soon my husband also has to report to the unemployment office for the stuff they want to do in person with him. Hopefully he’ll get some useful information from that.

We’re all slowly recovering from being sick, which of course has been another complication for job hunting. Didn’t stop the hunt, but it sure made it harder to focus.

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