What Does It Take To Be a Work at Home Success

For a lot of people, sadly, working at home just doesn’t work out. Whether they’re trying a job or a business, things just don’t go right for them. But for some of us, it happens. Success. At least by our own terms. How will you know when you’re a work at home success.

Mostly, that’s up to you. It could be when you get a work at home job and keep it past probation. It could be when your family accepts that this thing could actually work out; that it’s not a scam. It might be at a certain income level or when you regularly work a certain number of hours per week.

This is a very personal thing. Some people keep trying for years and years, making money every here and there, but never quite making it work. Others consider it a success that they keep trying. Your perspective matters.

Failure happens to all of us. If you look at what happens as you fail, however, you might see signs of success.

It may be in the lessons you learn. You might find out that you need to work a little harder in some area. It might be in finding a better way to work.

I’m what I would consider to be successful in my business. I don’t disclose my personal income, but I will say that I outearned my husband’s full time income rather handily last year. We’re both proud of that accomplishment.

I don’t, however, earn the megabucks that some people like to trumpet can be made online. I don’t have a six figure income from my business. For me, however, reaching an income that is at least a decent full time income is success.

I think the only real failure is in giving up. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily, especially if you have to give up because you need to earn money for your family some other way. Just because you fail in one thing doesn’t mean you didn’t succeed elsewhere. Successfully taking care of your family trumps successfully working from home anytime.

How Do You Succeed?

If you want to be a success working from home, expect to work. Hard. Whatever else you do to work from home, hard work will be a part of it.

That’s the only thing that can really be said for certain about success. Even finding a job in your preferred field, even one you know well, won’t guarantee a shot at success. Hard work won’t either, but it really improves the odds.

Don’t set your expectations too high for success. It’s better to have goals you can reach step by step than to aim straight at your wildest dreams. If I only considered success to be a six or seven figure income, I’d make myself miserable. With multiple goals to reach for, I can enjoy successes of various sorts and know that I’m making good progress.

Forget the gimmicks and short cuts. Most don’t work, or if they do work, it’s only for a short time, and then all the work you put into them vanishes. A long term focus is more useful for long term success. We would all love to earn huge incomes with minimal effort, but it’s just not that likely. The dream sellers are far more interested in your money than in your success, as a general rule.