Working at Home and Moving – a Difficult Combination

Working at Home and Moving - a Difficult Combination

These past couple months have been difficult, although in a very good way. We bought a house at last! It was quite the process and really took away from my working time, but we’re finally settled enough that I can really start trying to get into a routine again.

Buying a home when you run a home business has its own challenges. We had to do so much more paperwork on my income compared to my husband’s, as he has a nice, stable job with predictable income. Fortunately, my income has been better than his for the past couple years, and I could prove it. Still, it’s extremely distracting to keep getting calls asking for new information or updated records.

Then there’s packing. Tedious and time consuming packing. Being at home, I did quite a bit of it, despite my husband’s protests that I shouldn’t take so much time off my work hours. If I hadn’t, we would not have moved on schedule, and I knew it.

We’ve been in the new house about two weeks now, and we finally only rarely have to go digging for the box that has something important. There’s still a lot to do, but the important things are mostly where they belong. Unpacking is mostly more fun than packing – it’s so nice to find your stuff again. So far, the only thing missing is the power cord to the television, but fortunately, it takes a standard computer power cord, and we had a spare from an old computer.

We’re enjoying the layout of the new house. The kids think it’s pretty interesting getting to park in the back of the house – that’s where the garages are. I’m happy about my new office space – there’s one room kind of tucked oddly away downstairs that will do great. I haven’t had a dedicated office where I could close the door before. I still need to find a desk for it, but that will come.

I’ll still be organizing this new house for some time to come – most say it takes them months to really get settled, but I’m so glad to be where I can work a reasonable amount again at last. I really haven’t enjoyed only being able to do a minimum of work to keep things functioning.


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  1. I can relate, it’s really tough to get any work done when in the midst of moving!

    And having an office with a door that CLOSES is a must… I can’t concentrate without it! 🙂 Hope you find a desk soon!!