Working at Home and the Preschooler of Doom

Some days it’s really hard to get any work done, even with my husband home to help with the kids and a goal of giving me quiet work time. It’s getting cooperation from our preschooler that’s the problem. She’s holding tight to her “Mommy’s girl” phase and doesn’t like me to be out of her sight at all. Quiet work time suddenly turns into deciding whether or not it’s worth the fuss to keep her out of my work space or not.

This is one of those chronic challenges of working at home. The distractions. Admittedly, preschoolers are way cuter than many other distractions, but when you need to work, you need to work.

It’s worse than usual right now just because I’ve been dealing with a bug that had me completely worn out for a few days. Not only did I barely get any work done those days, but my preschooler didn’t get the Mommy time she wanted, and so has been extra clingy. Thank goodness she’s shown no symptoms of my bug, or I’d be looking at still more challenges for working.

Working at home is hard when a child, too big to be easily typed around, wants to be on your lap or leaning on you while you work. It’s also hard when she wants every game she plays to be with you and no one else.

On the other hand, these times are short, relatively speaking. It’s not that many years until she’ll be off to kindergarten, and she’s already wishing for the freedom to go out and look for friends to play with like her older siblings. So long as it’s not completely ruining your ability to work, you should enjoy these times at least a little.


There are ways to cope with extremely clingy kids and still get some work done. This time, my husband talked her into going to the pet store to visit the cats there. Can’t get one, but the opportunity to see and perhaps even pet a cat gets her attention, even when she wants me.

Encouraging her to “work” on her computer helps too. It’s not perfect, as she usually wants me to help her with the games on it, but she is then happier to simply be beside me. From there she’ll start playing with other nearby items, but heaven forbid someone try to take her away!

That’s the thing to remember. You can make it work even if things aren’t going entirely your way. It may be harder, especially if you need quiet for one reason or another, but it’s possible if you make it possible, impossible if you make it impossible.

I don’t mean that you’ll be able to work in all situations. Certain things will get completely and utterly in the way, and that include the behavior of preschoolers. You do, however, need to work at minimizing those times. You won’t earn much at most jobs or businesses if you don’t work hard at them.

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