The Challenge of Working at Home

Being a work at home mom is a dream for many a busy mother. The idea is that you earn a living while keeping your home perfect and your kids happy.

Ah, if only the reality were so simple. We’d all get a lot more sleep.

Much depends on the ages of the kids in question. Older kids can quickly learn that a closed office door means leave Mom alone unless the house or a sibling is on fire. Younger kids are more likely to start pounding on the door the instant you’ve achieved that perfect flow of work.

Generally after you’ve been struggling to get things going for the day.

Many the work at home mom has learned that it’s really not that easy to work with kids in the house. She may feel guilty as she realizes that at least some sort of childcare is necessary sometimes so that work can be accomplished. This is accompanied by feelings of guilt and relief. You can get work done at last! But that’s not why you wanted to work at home!

But such is the reality.

Then there are the people who want you to get a real job. You know, outside the home. Not only do they think you aren’t doing anything all day, they want you to help them out with their problems. Watch their kids, that kind of thing.

And of course stop and chat with them when you’d rather be working.

For many, there’s also the uncertainty of working at home. Will you get enough clients? Make enough sales? Pound your head on the keyboard enough?

Hopefully not that last. But there are days….

I’d love to know what part of taking care of the house work at home moms generally give up first. There is so often the assumption that a work at home mom will do everything possible to take perfect care of the home too. After all, she’s at home. Even a supportive spouse can make this mistake, and leave the dishes for the work at home mom who had been hoping to get some work done after the kids were in bed.

Probably not, unless you ask for it. Repeatedly some nights.

Thank goodness the craziness and lack of understanding of what you really do generally comes out all worth it. You’re there when you really want to be there. Exhausted, trying to do three things at once, but there. You know you’d be nuts to trade it for anything else.

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  1. I´m afraid my house is quite a mess. Partly because I don´t have a proper kitchen at the moment, partly because I don´t own a washing machine (just got running water in April). It makes regular housework a lot worse than it should be!

    So, my laundry is probably the first thing I give up. I only do it once a week, and sometimes even hire a girl from up the street to do it for me. 😀 On a bad day, I just put my kids first, so I wash their clothes and have nothing to wear myself, wash their dishes and don´t have anything to eat off of, and only clean where my son is going to be playing!