Watching my husband try to take a piece of candy from our toddler the other day made me realize that taking candy from a baby is a lot like working at home. It’s not nearly as easy as they want you to think, and if you do it wrong there might be tears involved.

Oh, and like many people trying to work at home, my husband gave up on getting the candy away from our toddler.

You Have to Have a Plan

If you don’t want the baby to cry when you take a piece of candy away,  you have to have a plan. Maybe a toy to distract the child with or something else that will make the baby take notice. It doesn’t always work, but it’s the best shot you have.

You also need a plan when you’re working at home, whether it’s looking for a work at home job, working at one or running a home business. You need to have some idea as to what you’re doing, whether it’s the kind of work you’re looking for, how you’re going to make the time to work, or what your customers need.

Don’t Let the Tears Get to You

When it really matters that baby doesn’t have the candy, tears don’t matter. You take that candy away and deal with the tears.

You also can’t let the frustration of working at home stop you every time. If you need to make it work, keep trying until you find a way. There are a lot of ways to earn money from home, many kinds of work at home jobs and an amazing variety of home businesses you could run. If you keep at it, you’ll probably find the solution that’s going to work for you.

You can add more hours to your working day. You can add in another job. You can cut down on the number of sites you’re trying to run. You can increase the number of sites you’re trying to run. You can do more research and read more on relevant sites and forums. You can buy tools to speed up your work.

If working at home isn’t working out perfectly, make a change. A small change may be enough or you may need to make a big one. Just don’t sit there frustrated – make it work!

Know When to Give In

Sometimes the particular sort of work at home you’re doing isn’t going to work out, just as sometimes that baby is going to enjoy that candy no matter how fast you try to take it away. There are times when it’s best to just give in and find something else to do… and times to keep trying no matter what.

If working at home isn’t working out despite your best efforts, take a look at why it’s not working out. What are the obstacles you haven’t overcome yet? What will it take to overcome those obstacles? Is it going to be worth it?

The answer won’t always be yes. Sometimes you’re going to have to make a big change in what you’re doing. Sometimes you will have to give up and start working outside the home.

Giving up for a time doesn’t mean you have to give up forever. But when you need the income, you need the income and you do what it takes. Working from home is a luxury you can’t always have right away, no matter how hard you work to earn it, or how much it would benefit you and your family. Even if it’s the only practical way for you to earn money, it’s not going to be an easy path for most.

If you’re really determined to work at home, keep trying. Failure is one of the steps most of us have to take before we succeed.