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Isn't that what they want you to think? Working at home, it's not really work. You turn on the computer for 10 minutes then you're done. Who are they kidding?

Working at home or online, whether in a job or a home business, is far from easy. You'll work long hours in most cases. Those 10 minutes a day claims bear no relation to the real world of working at home for the vast majority of us. And for those who do only work a short time each day, that comes after years of working hard to get a business on autopilot. You just don't start out that way.

If you have kids, some days you'll be lucky to get 10 quiet minutes at a time at the computer. There are meals to prepare, the house to clean, games to play and activities with your children. You're not just going to drop them in front of the TV after all, or you wouldn't have decided to be an at-home parent.

The reality of working at home is that it is hard. Being a stay at home parent has been compared to being a full time job just by itself, so if you have an at-home job or home business, you can add that on, and suddenly you're working a full time and a part (or full) time job on top of everything. Nothing easy about it.

The lucky moms are the ones whose friends and families understand that they work hard. Far more common are the ones who think not only that you don't do anything when you work at home, you don't make any money either. No proof is sufficient in some cases to show them that yes, it is possible, and no, you aren't just lounging on the sofa watching soap operas.

But let's be honest with ourselves. Lack of easy money and (often) sleep aside, would you trade your lifestyle with anyone with a traditional, outside the home job. Probably not. Where else can you get the benefits you receive as an at-home parent? I don't mean things like medical insurance, which are difficult to come by in the stay at home world, I mean the time with your family, being there when your children get sick or learn something new. Is there anything that beats that in any other kind of work? For many of us, no. You accept the challenges of working at home or running a home business because to you it's worth the long days, the social isolation and dealing with people who just cannot understand what you do. Your children have you there when they need you, and that is enough.


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