Work at Home and Stay at Home Humor

Being at home all day with the kids can be hectic. It's time to laugh at the many delights of being home all day. Whether it's your toddler hiding your car keys or a customer saying the unexpected, there's lots to laugh about when you're home with your family.

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Kids Are Funny

My 1-year-old daughter was getting out of the pool one hot day. She has seen me blow on food to cool it, and has copied me on her own food many times. Because the concrete was very hot, she started to blow on it just like she would her food.

- contributed by Stephanie Foster, Aspects of Design, Home With the Kids

When my daughter Brynn was five, she had a friend over to play one afternoon. Later that evening, as we talked about her day, I asked her what kind of shape her room was in, figuring we'd need to go upstairs and pick up. After getting a really puzzled look on her face, she replied, "square?".

- contributed by Carrie Pergantis, Texas

Work Is Funny

My first client as a website designer was very new to the internet. While we were discussing what she wanted from her website, she commented that she wanted it to be "compatible with trains." I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about, but she said a friend of hers had told her to be certain of this.

After a great deal of discussion, I finally determined she was after search engine compatibility.

- Contributed by Stephanie Foster, Aspects of Design, Home With the Kids


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