Websites for Kids

The children of today will be using computers their entire lives, but you want to keep them safe as they do so. I am providing here a list of websites that I have found to be safe for children.

Use your usual caution when checking out these websites. They appeared safe when I checked them, but hacks and changes of ownership can happen.

Just For Fun

Disney Junior - Games featuring Disney characters from their TV shows. Games

PBSKids - The PBS website. Online games with your child's favorite PBS characters, from Sesame Street to Between the Lions.

Roblox - Roblox has some social aspects for kids, which means parents should be a little extra alert to be sure everything is going okay. It's a lot of fun.


These are sites your kids may know from school. If your kids' school uses them, you may have acces paid for by the school. Some are free; others require a subscription.



KinderArt - Art lessons and education for kids.



Code Avengers

Code Combat

Code Monster



General Education

ABCYa - This site has a lot of options - word games, puzzles, typing, math and so forth.

Brain POP

DLTK Teach

Enchanted Learning

Khan Academy - Khan Academy isn't just for kids. If you want to improve your knowledge in areas such as math, science, coding and several other area, it's a very useful site. It has lots of things for kids to learn.

Primary Games


TenMarks - TenMarks is run by Amazon. It helps kids learn math and reading.


Cool Math

First in Math




Book Adventure




Bill Nye - Bill Nye has been teaching kids about science for a long time. You can watch videos and find educational resources on his site.

Color Matters - Learn all about color and how it works.

Cool Cosmos - Infrared pictures of animals and astronomical objects.

Easy Science For Kids

Extreme Science - Takes the most extreme examples of things in science.

Funology - Funology describes itself as the science of having fun. They have a lot of crafts and science experiments.

How Stuff Works - For those days when the kids want to know how something works.

Planet Pals - Planet Pals helps teach kids about health and the environment.

Science For Kids

Science Kids


Kids Mat Typing

For The Parents

Kids & Baby at

Product Recalls from the CPSC - Potentially very important for Mom and Dad.
ClickN KIDS Beginning Reading & Spelling Programs


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