Find Your Own Work at Home or Online Job!

While I offer unresearched work at home and online job listings here, I would also like to help you find your own.

First and simplest place to look is at the job boards, such as Indeed. I have a list of sites to search at the bottom of this page. Keep in mind that not all of the work at home jobs you find on these sites will be legitimate, so when you find a work at home opportunity you like, look it over carefully, remember not to pay for a work at home job, just as you would not pay for one outside the home.

Search terms are important. For a work at home job, you may or may not want to bother with specifying a city or state to search within. You may want to specify the category of work at home job you are interested in, so that your results will match your skills. If you want a work at home job, put the phrase "work at home" in quotation marks, just as I have it here. You may also use an * at the end of a word to indicate a wild card, that is, you are not limiting yourself to work, the search will include worker, working, etc. You can also exclude terms with the term NOT (in capital letters) before it. Some job boards will prefer you type it as AND NOT, so check the search tips if you are not getting the results you want.

Good terms and phrases to consider are "home office required", "work from home", virtual, telecommute, contract, and freelance. Keep in mind that some of the jobs you will find may be only partial telecommute or the opportunity will say something like "no telecommute", so read the opportunities carefully before you apply.

As always, only apply to jobs for which you are qualified. Companies hate dealing with all the unqualified people who apply to them solely wanting to work from home. Remember, working from home is a benefit of a job, so treat the job as seriously as you would one you had to go in to the office for.

Should I pay for a work at home job board?

The answer is maybe, but probably not. Check their references first, and I don't mean the testimonials on their page. Go ask around at various work at home discussion boards what people think of the particular company. The best one I know of is Home Job Stop . There are many companies out there that claim to provide lists of companies that hire work at home employees that are in fact outdated or easily found elsewhere for free. Why pay for that?

General job boards

Dice - More technology oriented
Career Builder

Work at Home/Freelance

Journalism Jobs
Craigslist - Listings by city. Read my article on Searching Craigslist for Work at Home Jobs to make this a bit easier to use.
Workaholics 4 Hire - Free membership

Don't forget to read my article on avoiding scams and to ask others for advice when in doubt!


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