Make time to relax with at home spa treatments

No matter what you do at home, whether caring for your children or working at home, you work hard. Now it's time to take a little time for you with your own at home spa treatments. Using a combination of aromatherapy, relaxation and basic massages, you can relieve some of the stresses of your days without spending a fortune at a spa. At home spa treatments aren't terribly difficult to make. Some supplies you may even have at home, others you may need to buy, but should last a long time.

A simple foot soak is easily made and feels wonderful. Find a bowl or pan large enough for your feet. Place marbles in the bottom and fill with warm water, about a half cup of Epsom salts and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Roll each foot over the marbles or just soak for several minutes.

Of course, you don't have to limit soaking to just your feet. Shut that bathroom door after making sure no one will bother you, whether by waiting until after bedtime, or finding a way to keep the kids busy. Fill the tub with warm water, add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil, and maybe turn out the light and have just a candle burning. Close your eyes and just relax. Soft music is also a good idea.

An alternative for your bath is the classic milk bath. You can use powdered milk for this rather than hauling up the whole milk carton. Use about a half cup of powdered milk, some glycerin, and your favorite essential oils, such as jasmine, lavender and rose for a wonderful scent.

You can't forget to take care of your face during your at home spa treatment. You probably know the old routine of placing slices of cucumber over the eyes. To moisturize your face, mash one ripe banana and mix with about a tablespoon each of yogurt and honey. If you let your kids see you with this one on, be prepared for some laughter.

Think about what you want to get from your home spa treatment when selecting your essential oils. Aromatherapy can be incredibly effective. Need to relax? Try lavender, rosewood, lime or sandalwood essential oils. If you need to feel more refreshed, use lime, lemongrass, spearmint or orange essential oils.

Your home spa treatment can include much more than these ideas, of course. Just relax in the ways that suit you best, whether alone or with your spouse.


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