The Paci Fairy

Here is how we deal with saying goodbye to the beloved Pacifiers in our home. This all came to be when one afternoon my son came to me very upset. "Mommy, my paci is bwoken-see!" I looked at this adorable broken hearted toddler who held his overused and well loved paci, now with a hole. I had to think quick! So then it began. I looked at him with surprised eyes and said "Wow! this is great! Do you know what this means!!!?? It means the Paci fairy is coming! What a big boy you are!"

My son looked at me with surprise and we went off to make a list of the special gift he might like for the Paci fairy to leave him. I told him that the Paci fairy comes and takes the round part off of the paci to make new pacis for babies. Now that he was no longer a baby, he was ready for the Paci fairy to come and take his paci. Andrew decided he wanted James (the train) and we put a picture by his bed. My husband and I let several days go by. Each day Andrew would come to me with his other 3 pacis and say No paci fairy yet Mama. Finally we did it! My husband and I snuck in his room while he slept and cut the tips off of the well loved paci. We left a card from the paci fairy as well. The card read something like

Dear Andrew, You are such a big boy now. Look at all the wonderful things you can do. You must be so proud of yourself. I am so proud of you. Thank you for all of your love. Now it is time for me to move on to be with a baby that needs me. You are so grown up and I know you will miss me but you will be fine. I have left you a big boy toy for you to have fun with when you miss your paci. Congratulations on being such a big boy! Love the Paci fairy.

The next morning my son woke up to find the tips off of his pacis, the note and his train. He was so excited and proud. Within a day he chose to throw them out. (I saved one)

We did this with my middle son as well. I remember crying as I wrote the Paci Fairy note. He was so attached and I knew it would be tougher for him. I felt the paci kept us connected to his babyhood and it ached to say goodbye to that. Funny how emotionally connected we get to different things with each child. I wrote also a note to my older son (4 at the time) from the Paci fairy asking him to remember how if felt whne he no longer had his paci and to please help David. It was neat.

Now my daughter is 3. She too loves her paci. She is at the age that she now needs to say goodbye too. This time will be a tough one for me for sure! She is my last baby and this will close a big door behind us. No more nursing, bottles, diapers, onsies etc. So, she may get to keep it just a bit longer as I savor the little baby still left in her as she clutches her 3 special pacis each nightime. She knows that soon the Paci fairy is going to visit her and is beginning her list of what she would like the Paci fiary to leave behind. This will be the last visit from the Paci Fairy for our home. Now she will hand the baton over to the Tooth fairy! :)

Jennifer Shryock
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