Who's recruiting who?

Working at home is one of the delights of my life. I get time with my daughter, money, and the envy of other parents. After all, don't I get to sit around watching TV all day?

Now, all of you know better. Whether you work at home or "merely" take care of your kids all day, there's a lot more to being at home than watching television. There's housework to be done, children to be cared for, errands and outings. Some of it's fun, some isn't.

On the other hand, this does allow you to use that old "turnabout is fair play" rule. I got to do this the other day.

Now, keep in mind, I don't really keep my online resumes up to date, so I'm always surprised when someone finds it. I got a call the other day from a recruiter looking for a medical transcriptionist for a local company. They needed someone to work in their office. Now, medical transcription is my main work at home job, so I have positively no interest in going elsewhere to do it, and the recruiter understood.

Then she paused. "How do you get into something like that?" came the question. Turned out she would love to work from home, and had never heard of anything like this. I talked to her about training, companies to work for, and so forth. I get this a lot, so I have it down pretty well.

By the end of the call, she was promising to look into it. I just had to ask: "So, who's recruiting who now?" She laughed and agreed it was pretty funny.

No matter what you do at home, this is something you can take advantage of. Just talk to people about what you do. Some will think you do nothing but play all day, but others will show a sincere interest in what you do at home. If you're in Network Marketing, this can help you build your downline in a natural and comfortable fashion. In other kinds of business, it may find you customers or just a friend. I don't get anything for telling people about how to get into medical transcription except for the pleasure of telling people a way to spend more time with their family.

OK, and I get to see the envy on their faces when they realize they have options they didn't know about and that I'm doing something they wish they could do.


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