Target those trouble spots!

How many of you complain of sagging triceps, flabby abdominals and a bottom that just won’t stop dropping? Or do you exercise consistently but can’t get those areas to budge? Have you hit a plateau and don’t know what else to do? Well do I have some tips for you, I don’t have the miracle answer that will banish these troublesome spots away, though if I did, you bet I would share them right away- I’d be the wealthiest woman alive!

First things first, although there is no such thing as exercising trouble spots directly, you can however, incorporate the following information into your current exercise regimen. The best way to target these areas are by weight training 3-4 times a week with at least 5 days of aerobic exercise.

The key to shaping your sloping bottom is to feel the burn, and by this I mean really feel it. Increase the number of reps or add more resistance chances are if you’re not burnin’ then your not workin’.

Body weight squats
With your feet slightly wider than your hip width looking straight ahead and you arms to your side carefully lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor make sure you keep your back upright no rounding. When coming up be sure to control your movement keep your glutes tight this is the most important part of the movement!

Partial body weight squats
This movement is exactly the same as the above but instead of going all the way down try going just halfway. Perform 12 reps following the body weight squats you’ll really feel these burn!

Floor hip extensions
Kneel on both knees, rest your forearms on the floor so that you are facing the floor. Now with kneeling on one leg, bring the other leg straight back and extend up carefully that you are not arching your back, you should feel this working your glutes. Perform 15 reps if you find that this movement is too easy you can add ankle weights.

Side lying leg raises
This movement requires you to lie on one side keeping your body straight, bend your bottom leg to about a 45 degree angle. With your top leg straight and aligned with your body, lift your leg as high as you can without losing form, to incorporate your glutes rotate your leg in the hip socket and angle your toe towards the floor. Perform 12-15 reps. For a greater challenge try using a decline bench for this movement.

Working this small muscle brings out greater definition and the look of a well- toned arm. For many women this area is a problem, fat gets stored and causes those “jiggles” when waving bye. The best way to solve this is to perform high reps with low weight this will help you tone down the area.

Triceps kickback – with dumbbell
Standing with feet shoulder width, bend one leg forward so that you can rest your arm from the same side on your thigh. Now keep your back leg slightly bent, now with your arm holding the dumbbell bend your arm so that your elbow is behind you and your dumbbell resting to your side. Carefully lift your arm straight back, to better understand this movement pretend that your elbow is a hinge, so throughout the movement your elbow stays fixed at your side. Do 12 reps.

Push ups
Lying on the floor, perform as many pushups as you can do. For beginners kneel on the floor cross your legs so that one leg is behind the other and rest your hands next to your shoulders. Now gently push yourself up. Since this is tough for some people I suggest doing as many as you can until you are comfortable with the movement.

Triceps dip
With a stable chair, sit at the edge of the seat. Position your hands so that they are right by your side but gripping the edge of the chair. Your legs should be straight out with feet placed on the floor. Now with your arms straight and your hands gripping the edge of the seat lower yourself until you’re arms are bent. This is a tough movement so do as many as you can to work up to 12 reps, to work your triceps even harder, superset your pushups with triceps dip. For example, do 12 pushups then immediately perform 12 reps of triceps dip rest for 60 seconds then repeat.

Having a flat midsection for some of us is just nearly impossible as winning the lottery, but with patience and time anyone can achieve a firm midsection. The reason why most women have problems in this area is because they tend to work just the bottom part of the abdominal muscles. The abdominal should be worked as a whole unit. Being that it is only one whole muscle- not made up of what is known to others as upper and lower abs.

Slow sit up
This is just a basic sit up but performed slowly to target the muscles. Lie face up with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Rest your arms beside you, now slowly pull yourself up. Exhale on the way up and inhale on the way down. Repeat for as many reps until you feel it working.

The following exercises require a medicine ball, but if you don’t have one that’s okay a regular ball will also do.

Crunch with a twist
Lie on your back with your knees bent. Hold the ball overhead, now slowly rise up, then bring the ball in front of you and twist to your left hip. Reverse the movement slowly, back down. Perform as many as you can do for your left side, repeat the process for your right side. This is a tough movement so it will take some time to get used to.

Crunch with ball
Again, lie on your back with your legs bent, but this time place the ball between your knees. This movement is fun not only will you be working your abdominal muscles, you will be using the inner thigh muscles known as the adductors by squeezing the ball in place. Now with your hands behind your head, crunch your upper body along with your lower body. For this exercise, if your doing them right you’ll really feel it, so do as many as you can do.

Remember, losing weight doesn’t happen over night, so be patient. With hard work and dedication you will have the body you’ve been longing for in no time!

Joann is a Certified Fitness Trainer, mother and wife. She has been associated in fitness for the last 13 years and enjoys helping others achieve their fitness goals. To contact her please email her at [email protected].


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