4 Quick Work at Home Income Sources

6 Quick Work at Home Income Sources

It’s not always easy to earn enough money when you work at home. Jobs don’t always have enough hours or work available, businesses don’t always have predictable income. Sometimes you need a quick way to earn just a little more money than you would otherwise. Here are some fairly quick places to earn money working at home. Pay isn’t necessarily same day or anything, but it’s usually quick enough for most purposes.

1. Fiverr

While the basic rate of $4 per job (Fiverr takes part of the $5 per job charged clients) isn’t much, you can add on fees for additional services to make the pay better. You can offer addons such as a faster turnaround time or a bigger project.

It may take some time to figure out how to earn money on Fiverr – you have to figure out what you can offer and how to get people to notice you among all the other people on the site offering something similar. Still, there are those who do fairly well at Fiverr. The better quality you offer, the more good ratings you can get and the more likely you will get more clients.

Probably the best way to get noticed on Fiverr is to put up more than one project. Think of all the things you could offer on there – keep them simple so that the effort on the project makes the pay worth it to you. Over time you’ll find what’s most in demand from you on that site.

2. Upwork or Elance

If you’re looking for bigger freelance jobs, sites such as Odesk (edit: now Upwork) or Elance are good choices. How big a project and how long it takes to get paid depends on what you take on. You can sign up for free, although there may be fees for higher levels of membership.

3. TranscribeMe

Can you transcribe? TranscribeMe offers  transcription work on your schedule, and I understand that they pay weekly by Paypal. The pay rate isn’t great, but it’s a good way to build experience and speed as a new transcriptionist. They have a system to help you work more efficiently. There’s a test to take when you register, but it’s not terribly difficult. They know that they’re hiring people who aren’t regular transcriptionists.

4. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or MTurk, is a place where people post short jobs they would like done. The pay is usually very low, by which I mean pennies per job most of the time, but they’re quick to do. When I checked, the best paying jobs were for transcribing recordings, $20 or less for hour long recordings – not a great rate for that kind of work, but if you’re a good transcriptionist, not a completely impossible rate. You can get paid to your bank account or by Amazon gift card.

On the whole, these jobs aren’t what you want to rely on for your income, but for extras when you’re earning elsewhere, or while you look for better, they aren’t the worst thing you could choose to do. So many work at home moms and dads hit those times where money coming in, any money coming in, is better than nothing, and that’s when you consider these.

Note: Two possible sources have been removed from this list, as they are no longer available.

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3 Responses

  1. Tanya says:

    I’ll have to check out Fiver. Never tried it before. Who knows maybe its what I need to get a jump start. Thanks 🙂

  2. Gayle says:

    Hi, I have a Mac. I am really limited the number of companies that will hire me for at-home work?


  3. You can be limited by that; just pay attention to requirements listed by potential employers. Not everyone will care what operating system you use, of course.