Do More Than Think Positive. Take Positive Action!

Do More Than Think Positive. Take Positive Action!

Many people believe in the power of positive thinking, especially when they run a home business. And there’s no denying that positive thinking is important; if you alway think negatively about your chances of success, you probably won’t succeed. But when it comes right down to becoming successful, do more than think positive. Take positive action.

Action is a much greater commitment than merely thinking. You can think positively for your entire life, but until you take action, nothing will happen.

Direct Your Thinking

Thinking about success in your home business can help you if you direct it toward solutions you will use to reach your goals. Brainstorm. Plan out the steps you need to take to improve your business. Make your thoughts into actions.

Don’t overthink – this becomes a form of procrastination. You need some clear steps to take toward your goals, but you can’t plan the entire journey at once. Plan your next steps and consider where it is you want to go, but remember that your plans may change as you make progress.

What Actions Do You Need To Take To Succeed?

There are certain actions you must take if your home business is to succeed. What are they? It’s not just spending 5 hours a day 5 days a week or whatever you’ve decided – what are you doing during those hours that will help you succeed? Generating leads? Writing content? Social media marketing? Make sure your work hours include plenty of the things that do the most for your home business, but don’t neglect the little background things you have to keep up with.

Don’t Worry About Being In The Mood

There may be days that you just aren’t in the mood to work, even though you know you ought to. Get to work anyhow. You wouldn’t let that mood stop you if you worked for someone else – don’t let it stop you when you work for you. You’re a better boss to work for, aren’t you? Odds are you’ll be just fine once you get started working.

Go For Extraordinary

Some days your business may seem as though it’s just one in a crowd. With just about anything you do, you’re going to face competition. Think about the actions you can take that will move your business from ordinary to extraordinary.

This doesn’t have to be in a big way. You might offer better customer service or be more personal than other businesses in your niche. You might share better advice. Whatever your business offers, make it great. Make it memorable. Make it easy for visitors or customers to keep coming back to you.

What’s It Going To Take?

It’s not always easy to take positive action. Sometimes you just want to do something else.

What will it take to keep taking positive action? What motivates you?

Reward yourself for taking action sometimes. Set goals and rewards. Don’t make the rewards out of line for the accomplishment, but make them motivating to you.

You can also set consequences for yourself if you don’t take action. Ideally make it something good for you, such as an extra mile on the treadmill or elliptical when you go workout if you don’t get your day’s work done, or skipping a treat you might have otherwise enjoyed. As with accomplishments and rewards, keep it in line with what you didn’t do. Consequences should relate only to things under your control, not things that require action from others.

Don’t use consequences if they will take away from your focus, however. You want to be positive about your home business, and for me, keeping things positive in general works best.

Keep That Positive Mindset

Do what you can to keep a positive mindset about your business. Read posts on sites such as Zen Habits. Look at how far you’ve come. Imagine how far you’ll go.

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