It’s not easy to get your work day going sometimes when you work at home. Little things keep you from even getting started. Just for fun, here’s a checklist to see if you’re ready for a productive work at home day.

1. Kids are busy.

At school, sleeping, playing with friends, playing with toys, generally willing to leave you alone. So long as they’re adequately safe.

Kids Are Busy

2. Spouse knows you want to work and will leave you alone.

Few things are more distracting than a spouse or significant other who has “better ideas” for what you can do while the kids aren’t underfoot. Plan that for later. This is why working when you’re home alone is often easier.

3. You’re awake.

You’re sufficiently well rested that a nap is not more tempting than work. A coffee IV is not recommended most days, no matter how tempting. Might cause too many bathroom breaks. Nothing wrong with enjoying some of your preferred caffeine.

You're Awake

4. Internet is on.

Nothing worse when you work online than finding out you have no connection. It doesn’t go down often, but what a headache when it does.

Internet Is On

5. All browser tabs for games or social media are closed.

Sure, you’d only check them occasionally if you left them on right? Right? Didn’t think so. Open social media sites only when you need them for work or when you’re done. You know they’re a distraction otherwise.

Close Social Media

6. You know what needs to get done.

Whether you rely on a to do list or just know what you’re going to do today, you can get to work with minimal fuss. Just saying you intend to have a productive day, with no particular tasks in mind, is usually less productive than a day where you know what you’re going to do with it.

You Know What Needs to Be Done

7. The housework can wait.

It can, really. I mean it. It doesn’t matter how the laundry is calling you, or that the kids just left a bunch of toys on the floor, it can wait. Unless you can assign it to the kids. Maybe they can do it right now (or after school).

The Housework Can Wait